Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Tool

We were all excited. We couldn't stop chatting about this project. There was excitement all over the room, we were all waiting impatiently for our little netbook. “Yes i got it!”, I said. I couldn't follow Ms G instruction, but i just wanted to log on. The big countdown. "How boring!" I said. But that was the only way to log on. We pressed the power button simultaneously.

It was like the bestest moment of my class time. All of us couldn’t stop talking, shaking because it was like a light that lit up the room full of happiness. I felt fortunate. I counted myself as one lucky person. Receiving this project really means something to me, but I know I’ll use it wisely.

What an experience I had with it. A great opportunity. Instead I’m grateful and thankful I had that opportunity.

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