Friday, July 8, 2011

Homework or No Homework

Homework is an important part of learning.
Doing homework is practising what’s being learnt in class during the day. More practise makes perfect. Homework improves children’s learning. The more you practise you will get better results in tests at school.

First, homework is a way of letting parents know about what we learn at school. If parents are interested in their children’s learning, they would check their children’s homework . It is a bridge that joint school and homes. Parents can support their children in their learning.

Secondly, homework should be taken home regularly. Children wouldn’t be watching T.V or playing games, if they had homework. Nor sitting around. If children cared about their learning they would do it.

I think homework is important, because it’s good for your child’s education and ability of learning. Children can gain alot of knowledge and good understanding into their computers(brain) and succeed in a test. Therefore, teachers should give homework to the children regularly.

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