Monday, April 18, 2011

Athletics Day

Friday was a nerve - wracking day. I was so nervous in the first race. Everyone was competitive and wanted to win. As I was about to run I felt an adrenaline pumping through my body, sweat rushing down my back. I ran like a civilian fleeing from a war bomb.

The 800m race was scary. My heart pumped rapidly. It was beating fast and faster. “Go!” shouted Mr Gaffney. I started sprinting, it was still pumping but it didn’t stop. Boom, boom, boom, i could feel it. We ran twice round, but then Ofa caught up and I started to jog. Ofa then sprinted to the finish line. Oh well bad luck for me. I was tricked.

At least I came 2nd. But coming 1st was my aim. Better luck next time I thought. I congratulated Ofa with a hug. “Congratulations Ofa” I said. “Thanks Liz”, she replied. I was disappointed. At least I tried. What a day.

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